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Since establishment in 1990 we have completed 180 books for families throughout New Zealand and Australia.


The Standard Edition
A soft bound book with stiff card cover and printed title
A typical page contains:
A header
which lists the forebears of people on that page in direct line back to the "founding couple".
Names and dates
indented by generation. Vertical lines on the left side of the page denote generation levels.
Cameo photos
where available
where available
Biographical notes
usually written by the person or his/her family
The Deluxe Edition
A case bound book with woven cloth covering and gold stamped title
The Super Deluxe Edition
Quarter bound in calf skin in traditional stylewith raised bands to the spine and with gold stamped title
Family History
The early history of the family is included in each book to the extent that it has been researched. We do not undertake to do the research for the family - rather we assemble, edit and format the notes supplied by the family members. We prepare and insert photographs, maps, copies of documents, and prepare charts and diagrams to show genealogical relationships.
Where available, we may include transcripts from old letters, diaries, newspaper stories and out of print family publications.
Although each book follows a broadly similar format, each is designed uniquely to reflect the family which it portrays.

Family members are invited to submit photos for publication. Each book contains a section of historic family photos and after each family section we include more modern or other general interest photos pertaining to that family.
All photos are scanned and repaired where necessary and we keep an electronic archive of all photos published.
Each book contains a complete index of all Descendants and Spouses. Each entry includes person's birth date and spouse name.


What we require from you:
the use of your research notes for sufficient time to enable the files to be set up.
addresses for as many members of your family as possible
What we will do:
set up your data on computer files using our Evagean Publishing Computer Programme.
scan supplied photos, retouching and restoring where necessary.
send personal data printouts for checking to all family members for whom we have addresses.
obtain additional addresses and send similar printouts to other members of the family, continuing this process until all possible members have been contacted.
send a final printout, and an order form, to all family members on the address list.
print, bind and distribute enough copies of the book to fill the orders received.

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